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Thoughts from Bangkok

I was quite skeptical when I started working on switching from face-to-face training sessions to coaching almost exclusively online.

I decided to go for the online environment because I wanted to keep up with the world. I wanted to be able to go on with my insanely ambitious plan of traveling 6 months every year. I wanted to learn more and deliver the best of it.

I am absolutely terrified of being stuck in one place and become just another coach that will blindly stick to the same educational fads all over again without questioning their efficiency.

I'm sorry, I just don't believe in old-fashioned rusty education. I don't want to consume people's time either. I hate traffic jams and I don't see the reason for spending endless hours being trapped in one.

I'm writing these lines from Bangkok, right after finishing a skype session with one of my clients. Having him as a client would've never been possible without online coaching. And, honestly, without travelling, I would've never been able to design all those crazy exercises to help him overcome his fear of speaking English.

Besides, I aim to reach people who fancy the idea of thinking out of the box, as conformity isn't my thing.


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