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Finally done!

I'm so excited that I finally created a 12-week-course which is 100% online.

After months of hard work structuring, designing and adjusting, I finally managed to create a course that doesn't require my clients to meet me in person anymore.

The biggest incentive to start working on such a bold plan was the frustration of not being able to meet some of my client's expectations. Not everybody was willing to survive endless hours of traffic jams in order to come meet me at my studio in Bucharest.

And I still feel like I failed them. I was so frustrated when I had to turn down people who lived in different cities or worse, different countries. Or people who had too many projects to be able to attend face-to-face sessions.

My current clients already fell in love with these new adjustments as I've been working hard to not change the format of the course and still be able to offer high quality one-to-one customized sessions.

They tend to love this even more these days when, given the Covid-19 pandemic situation, online seems to be the only place where life feels normal.

So I am going to celebrate and enjoy this day at the pool.

I feel like I deserve this. Besides, luckily, self-isolation has not yet been imposed in Bali. Yay!


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