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Perfectionism is...

There's a difference between dreaming big and hiding ourselves behind the idea of 'perfect'.

Perfectionism is destructive, it makes us procrastinate and reassures us that work is not supposed to involve pleasure.

'Working hard' is just another facet of the utopia we created around 'perfect', just another way of putting a wall between you and your goals.

Because the amount of hard work that someone supposedly has to do in order to reach this utopia is huge and unachievable. No wonder most of the people feel overwhelmed.

They wake up in the morning and don't go to the gym because their goal is to lose ten kilos in one month only. And they know this plan will never work. And that's why they give up on doing any sports at all.

And what about that amazing plan tolearn a new language? Of course it's not going to happen, because learning a new language should be fun, it shouldn't feel like running a marathon.

We push ourselves too hard and drain the fun out of the working process. And it should be fun. Our goals are not supposed to feel like a burden.


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